Everybody deserves a piece of the north. 

Driven by a passion for design and entrepreneurship, ENIITO is established to assist Scandinavian designers reach quality conscious shoppers world-wide.

“Because unique Scandinavian designs should be easy to reach no matter where in the world you live.”

ENIITO is hatched from a genuine passion for New Nordic Design and the simple thought of all the untapped potential that exists in Scandinavia. ENIITO offers a safe-haven for small-scale designers that will take them and the Nordic movement onto the international market.

By only featuring the unseen and upcoming craftspeople ENIITO nurtures entrepreneurship, innovation and uniqueness – it is a needed alternative to otherwise mainstream brands.

The categories and designers are chosen in adherence to the Nordic design principles of quality, functionalism and minimalism. To ensure the authenticity of the designs, all designers must be based in Scandinavia.

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